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Well-being Area

Spa / Sauna

We are proposing you 3 different packages to permit you an absolute relaxation

Spa / Sauna package includes:

- privatized Spa mobile home with jacuzzi rental (6 people maximum)

- Access to the sauna,

- Towels and bathrobes.

Massage package includes:

- Privatized rental of massage area,

- Towels and bathrobes,

Spa/Sauna + Massage package: * (according to availabilities)

- Privatized rentale of Spa/Sauna and Massage mobile-home

Benefits of the sauna :
The dry heat of the sauna helps flush out the toxins accumulated in the body due to an acceleration of perspiration.
The high heat also has the power to relax the muscles, ease away the tensions of the whole body for relaxation like no other. It still has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and skin.
The sauna is recommended to stimulate the immune system: practiced regularly, it even would adorn themselves against influenza epidemics, for example.

User rules

- Before each passage in the cabin, we welcome you to take a warm or fresh douche, to soap and rinse.
- Wearing swimsuit is an obligation, bathing trunks or shorts are not allowed;
- A towel should be placed between the bench and the skin to protect it from heat and absorb sweat;
However, the sauna is not recommended to people with heart disease, hypertension, or renal venous insufficiency, epilepsy, asthma and is prohibited to pregnant women.
-After your session, it is highly recommended to drink lots of water to compensate for losses evacuated through perspiration.

Note, however, the sauna is not recommended for people with heart disease, hypertension, or renal venous insufficiency, epilepsy, asthma and is prohibited for pregnant women.

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